The MRT Advantage

For over 2 decades MRT has provided honest, reliable, exceptional repair and reconditioning services, as well as new heavy duty industrial manufacturing products at competitive prices. Leave your repairs and reconditioning problems to us so you can focus on your day-to-day business. MRT repairs/performs thousands of items a year, from major Gearbox rebuilds, Hook Block assembles, Crane End-Trucks, Coal Crushers, Cylinder Moulds (new and rebuilds) and Work Rolls. There are very few industrial repairs or reconditioning projects MRT doesn’t have extensive experience with. In fact, there is a good chance MRT has repaired a similar project so we’ll not only know what to do, but we can save you time and money because we won’t need to spend time learning the ins and outs of fixing your equipment.

Why employ an expansive Maintenance and Repair team when you can outsource these services and only pay for what you need. We offer both free inspections and free quoting. MRT will provide a detailed report of our findings along with a proposal listing the scope of work to be completed. Depending on the repair, MRT can often turn repairs around very quickly.

We have a highly experienced engineering team available to meet a variety of new projects, rebuilds, OEM specifications, and value engineering requests.

MRT has a Level II NDT Inspector on staff Non-Destructive Testing (NDT) is the process of inspecting, testing, or evaluating materials, components or assemblies for discontinuities, or differences in characteristics without destroying the serviceability of the part or system. In other words, when the inspection or test is completed, the part can still be used.
MRT conducts NDT testing to ensure quality or detect discontinuities (defects) using NDT
methods of inspection. MRT applies testing criteria in accordance with applicable specifications or standards and valuate results by using Mag particle or Dye penetrant testing methods.

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