Our ability to Repair and Dynamically balance
Centrifuge baskets are second to none.

We are well known to the Sugar Beet/Cane Processing Industry for this skill.

Properly balanced equipment increases personal safety, machine life, product quality and productivity.

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Repair and Balance of Sugar Baskets – Project Details

Product DescriptionThe Centrifuge basket: The solid wall centrifuge basket uses centrifugal force to promote liquid and solid separation.
Centrifuge Basket Repair ProcessPrimary:
Welding, Grinding, Straightening, Sanding and Polishing

High Speed Dynamic Balancing
ExpertiseMaster Machinist and a Dynamic Balancer Expert
 and Properly Calibrated Equipment
Equipment Used to Rebuild PartIRD Mechanalysis industrial balancing machines.
Overall Part Dimensions Varies depending on the size of the Centrifuge
Material FinishMachine Finish
In process testing/inspection performedInspections for wall thickness, weak spots, cracks, bulged areas from  cap, shell, bottom plates and spoke areas. Final inspection/Test Run.
Industry for UseSugar Industry- Both Beet and Cane
Delivery/Turnaround Time3-4 Weeks After Receipt of Order
Delivery LocationMiddletown, Ohio
Standards MetIndustry Standards and Customer Specifications
 Product NameCentrifuge Basket
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