Heavy Industrial Gearbox Repair & Rebuilding Services

At Maintenance & Repair Technologies we are experts when it comes to rebuilding heavy industrial gearboxes. MRT will come to you to diagnose and solve your most complex gearbox problems. We don’t just fix your problems; we use detailed analysis to find out why things went wrong in the first place. The highly trained and experienced staff at MRT will look closely at your maintenance practices and check for inferior repairs.. We also take into account increased operational demands and any unforeseen environmental changes your gearboxes might have gone through recently. Along with our industry leading secondary services, like emergency repair and field service, MRT will test and inspect our work to make sure it meets or exceeds all the toughest industry standards including ISO 9001:2008, AWS, AIST and PIMA.

To learn more about our cost-effective and efficient gearbox rebuilding service, please see the details below. For information about the rest of our services, please contact MRT today.


  • Precision Machining of a Heat Screw for the Papermaking Industry
  • Repair of Bridge Drive Gear Case for the Steel Industry
  • Remanufacturing of a Chopper Gearbox for the Steel Industry


LocationOn-Site and in-house industrial gearbox repair and rebuilding
Failure Analysis
Test Run
Failure Factors for AnalysisMaintenance Practices
Previous Inferior Repairs
Increased Operational Demands
Environmental Changes
SizesSmall and Large
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